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Professionalism.  Integrity.  Simplicity.

CeSavoy Property is an independent buyers advocacy. Our service aims to provide the most streamlined property acquisition that make it easy and reduce stress for our clients.


About Us

We believe buyers have been under-represented for a long time.  We observe buyers often relying on seller’s agents to gather property and market information, however, seller agents by right only represent their vendors’ best interest.  We have often seen buyers missing out or overpaying on property because they do not have an advocate on their side.  Our vision is to bring the power back into the buyer’s hand.

We as buyer advocates and property advisors, specialise in searching, evaluating, negotiating and securing the right property at the right price.  Our team are all fully Licensed Buyers Agents with advanced education and extensive property market knowledge.  We use sophisticated software, real-time data and statistical analysis to compare all available properties.

Services we offer

Full Service

Whether you are time poor and too busy to do your property research, we offer you our full service which will guide you through from the start to finish in finding the right property for you.

Negotiation Only

Some buyers are happy to research their own properties but may feel daunted when negotiating with sales agents.

Auction Bidding

You have found your dream property and have completed your due diligence but still not confident to bid on auction day. 

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