Full Service

Whether you are time poor and too busy to do your property research, we offer you our full service which will guide you through from the start to finish in finding the right property for you.

Our comprehensive full service provides our clients a personalised strategy, property research, shortlisting, due-diligence and negotiation.  Through our tailored consultative approach, we develop a strategy to match your property goals.  Our relationship with real estate agents provides us opportunities to access pre and off market deals.  Our aim is to take the emotion and stress out of the process of buying property for you.

Process Overview

Initial Consultation

We discuss your needs, requirements and expectations.


We discuss and develop the best strategy for home buying or investment tailored for you.


We do extensive market research and find the best property to meet your requirement.


We will complete an evaluation of the property with detailed due diligence.


We negotiate both price and terms until we secure the property for you.


We facilitate the smooth exchange of sales contracts.

Evaluation & Negotiation

Some buyers are happy to research their own properties but may feel daunted when negotiating with sales agents. You may have searched and selected a property you like and need a professional to help with the evaluation, negotiation and acquisition. We are here to help you negotiate the best possible outcome.  We engage with sales agents and negotiate on your behalf.

Auction Bidding

You have found your dream property and have completed your due diligence but still not confident to bid on auction day.  Bidding at auctions can be an unnerving experience which may trigger your emotions for the property you are bidding for, and as a result could cost you more.  We provide a service to buyers who need a professional to bid on their behalf.

Vendor Advocacy

Selling your property can be stressful and time-consuming. Our Vendor Advocacy service is a free service. We will help you select the most suitable agent for your property. We then communicate with Real Estate Agents on your behalf throughout the whole selling campaign.

  • Interviewing agents
  • Selecting an effective marketing strategy
  • Negotiating the selling fees
  • Advising on the pros & cons of selling through private sale or auction
  • Assisting you with styling your property

Our Vendor Advocacy service will help to ease your selling process. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Discover how our service can assist you in your property acquisition journey.